LOVE Continues Today…Tomorrow…and Forever!

February 24, 2011

Last week many of us celebrated Saint Valentine’s Day, a Holiday which symbolizes the love we share for all those important in our life.  Did you stop loving your significant other, family members, friends and enemies on Tuesday, February 15th?  Are you loving these people today?  No matter what day it is, we should always be sharing LOVE with others.

When it comes to love, the world tells us it is about affection and pleasure which can be limited to our family and friends.  How does God command us to LOVE?  Take a moment to read Mark 12:28-34.  To me the Bible tells us Truth about the LOVE we should share.  To LOVE everyone in this world takes a changed heart.  One of the biggest changes I have experienced in my walk with God is that I can truly say my heart leads me to LOVE everyone, from my parents to complete strangers.  The LOVE that gives me the freedom to see others through God’s Eyes.

Some of you may recognize these photos and others will have no idea of their origin.  During my Junior year of college I was asked to represent the Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority at Truman State University during the Big Man On Campus event organized and hosted by the Delta Zeta Sorority!  For those of you wanting clarification, I chose to be a Tutu Wearing-Singlet Modeling-Baton Twirling-Ribbon Waving Roller Skater during the Talent Contest.  Clearly this is an instant in my life where I did not take myself too seriously!

During the Q&A portion of BMOC I was challenged, “If you could use one word to describe yourself, what would it be?”  My response after a moment of hesitation, “LOVE”!  Where did this come from?!  When I look back on this moment, I truly believe it has been on my Heart for many years through the inspiration of God to LOVE all.  There have been times in my life where I followed the world’s meaning of love which was limited to those closest to me and resulted in hurting others, ignoring strangers and hating enemies.  As my Heart has been changed, this has faded away in time.  As an sinful imperfect human, I am still reminded of this at times, but it has become much easier to avoid these life snatching traps that the world pulls us into.

My challenge for you is to ask where your Heart is at on this issue.  Do you love as the world tells us to love(lower case to represent the lesser impact it has on the world around us), only those closest too us through affection, care and support? OR Do you LOVE as God commands us to LOVE(UPPER CASE TO REPRESENT THE GREAT IMPACT IT CAN HAVE ON THE WORLD AND THE HOPE IT CAN BRING TOO OTHERS), by first LOVING God and then LOVING Our Neighbors ourselves.  Let me remind you Our Neighbors include our Enemies(Matthew 5:43-48).  How can you begin this day by LOVING the annoying co-worker, the person that betrayed you, the family member that hurt you?  It begins by renewing your Heart and learning to LOVE as God LOVES.  Rid yourself of the old love and find new LOVE!And Share it with Others!  P.S. I LOVE YOU!