To Be A Father!

June 20, 2011

Here we are, another Monday, the weekend is gone and we are back into work mode.  Some of us may have already forgotten the celebration of Fathers that took place this past weekend.  I was blessed to have been able to spend time with my Dad golfing on Friday at Bos Landen and having dinner on Sunday!  I am thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow as his son.  As we grow and mature, it is often good to reflect on how we have been shaped.

We as Men should strive to be Christ-centered leaders of our household and in order to remain committed to this we need to look to our Heavenly Father.  Because wives and children look to Men for leadership, we need to have a solid foundation of which to understand the role of a Husband and a Father.  The Bible calls Men to be Spiritual Leaders of Wives and Children, most notably described in Ephesians 5:21-6:4.  During worship on Sunday there was a powerful song that cut straight to the Heart of what it means to be a Father!  Sanctus Real’s “Lead Me” is a great example of what it means to be the Spiritual Leader in the household and for the family.  I can’t help but share this song with you.  Please take a few minutes and be inspired to learn more about what it means to be a leader of the House by watching the video at the following link:  A great follow up is watching the Story Behind “Lead Me” at this link:  Both videos would be well worth the 8 minutes it would take to watch. 

Even though I have yet to become a Father, let alone a Husband, I continue to be molded by God, my Heavenly Father.  I believe that my relationship with God continues to deepen and will play a very important role in being a Husband and Father in the future.  I thank God for what he has done to change my perspective and for setting Biblical guidelines on what it means to be a Spiritual Leader.  I thank my Earthly Father for continuing to Love and Support me!

I want to celebrate all the Fathers I have come to know!  Thank you for leading your families and thank you for the impact you have had on the lives of your wives and children.  I give you the gift of the music video, a gift that may challenge you to rethink how you view your role as a Household Leader and Father!  I leave you with these questions to reflect upon.  What does it mean to be a Father like God was to Jesus?

Age is No Limit!

June 14, 2011

How old are you really?  I think oftentimes as a young adult there is pressure to live up to a certain standard, a particular lifestyle and to take part in the “American Dream”.  I truly believe that this is not what God calls us too, He calls us to be in a relationship with Him and follow Him!  I recently gave my first message at the Underground Worship service at Valley Church to the High School Student Ministry.  The message was a part of the T3 Series, focused on Stewardship of Time, Talent and Treasure.  The Message: “Age is No Limit”.

As believers we are called to be good stewards and this is a discipline that is often difficult to implement.  The Students worked towards being stewards in the ministry expansion efforts at Valley Church through the ❤ U DM campaign and they were challenged to take action in supporting the efforts.  The primary scripture from which I prepared my message was 1 Timothy 4:12, “Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young.  Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.”(NLT)

Regardless of our age, we can have great impact for the Kingdom of God.  Whether we are young or old, our impact today is what matters most.  What are you doing today to have an impact?  We have all been blessed with different gifts; Time, Talents and Treasures!  Are we being good stewards of these gifts and blessing others with them?  We may have to sacrifice our own desires to become Christ-like and make the best use of the resources we have been given!

I often find myself challenged with this and I constantly am seeking guidance from God on how to best utilize the gifts He has given.  So often in times past I was caught up in utilizing the resources I had for personal wants or desires, rather than seeking to bless others.  I recall in times past wanting to buy more stuff when walking through the mall.  Today I walk through the mall with a completely different perspective and rarely an urge to buy something I want.  The fact is now that my Heart has been transformed and I have a renewed perspective, I find myself being a better steward each day, however far from perfect.  I still have many aspects of stewardship that I am hoping to improve and God will continue to work in my Heart.

The students took on the challenge and raised money to go towards the ministry expansion, but more importantly, the message I shared with them provided an opportunity for a new perspective to get to the Heart of the Matter, and to encourage them with the fact that even though they may be young, they can have an impact.  Anytime we sacrifice something to benefit others we are making an impact.  Even those that are in the latter half of their life may think it is too late.  It is never too late!  God does not care what age you are, He just wants your Heart!  I challenge you to pray and ask God how he wants you to use your resources, rather than relying on our own desires and decisions.  He may call you to do something outside of your comfort zone, but you can rest in the fact that the provider of those resources is directing their use through you and you can be an example to anyone!  You are not defined by your age, you are defined by who you are!