Champ Kind here reporting on behalf of the summer spent with VCSM!  First off there is only one word to describe the past 3 months…Whammy!  There is something special about a team that spends the summer together ministering to the students of the Valley Church Community and Beyond, all the while doing well to impersonate the Channel 4 News Team.  There are times when we may not take ourselves too seriously, but what we are serious about is our love for the students and the opportunity to encourage them to develop a relationship with God, to Take God Seriously!

I cannot thank the students enough for the way they have embraced a 29 year old intern as I was focused on seeking a more permanent role in Student Ministry.  Today was my last official day with Valley Church and even though I will no longer be spending time as a part of the ministry team at Valley Church, it is my hope that I am able to reconnect with many of these students into the future!  Even though it is hard to move on and step into my new role as Director of Student and Children’s Ministry at Lutheran Church of Hope-Ankeny, the opportunity this summer has been a sign of affirmation that God has created me to spend time ministering to youth!

At Underground Worship today many of the students shared their sincere & funny soundbites of how they will remember me…my soundbite for remembering the students, “Whammy!”  Needless to say, I don’t have a simple soundbite to share with you that describes the experience had this summer to connect with the students and the friendships that were created.  I would rather share with you in person more about my experiences this summer and what I saw from the students at Valley Church and their exhibit of Faith and Fellowship.

Lastly, to the Team from Channel 4, there is much learned from the experiences this summer as we discussed over Chik-fil-a on Thursday.  We had a great team with dynamic abilities and pushed one another to provide opportunities for the Students to be in fellowship with a solid community and create friendships with Christ followers.  I want to thank my team for the ways they challenged me to evaluate my strengths and areas of improvement as a team member and a future Youth Minister.  I also know that I have friends that can provide insight and wisdom into the challenges I will face as I continue to minister to youth!  Thank you VCSM for a great summer!  Thank you to all the students who welcomed me immediately and embraced this old intern guy!  Today was an opportunity to celebrate the next part in my journey…as I continue to follow where God Leads!

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