Winter Jam!

What is Winter Jam you ask?  Quite an experience!  I highly recommend attending if you are a fan of Christian Music. Even if you aren’t and you just like music in general, you cannot beat a line-up of 10 Artists playing for 5+ hours for only $10.  The Jam Tour stopped in Des Moines Friday night.  This year was my 3rd year in a row attending Winter Jam and once again it was an amazing set.  The experience itself was worship focused, allowing artists to share their giftedness with thousands each night on Tour.  Wells Fargo Arena was filled with people of all ages from 6-11:30pm.

The crowd was blessed with a great mix of artists and it was amazing to see people of different beliefs come together and worship.  One of the artists that is on the tour this year, Kari Jobe, is an artist I had heard of a couple years back and enjoyed her music and appreciated her voice.  On Friday she performed a song that I took a new liking too, “We Are.”  Have a peek…

The lyrics share a great message and the words are encouraging.

“We are the light of the world,
We are the city on a hill,
We are the light of the world,
We gotta, we gotta, we gotta let the light shine!”

These lyrics should speak to everyone.  As a follower of Jesus Christ the words resonate with what my life represents to others.  Even for those who may not consider themselves followers of Jesus, your life is a representation of light that you show to the entire world.  If we talk about light, we often think of its brightness, and to me this relates to the good that comes from us.  We all hope to live good lives and our opportunity in this life is to be that light of hope to the rest of the world.  You cannot deny the fact that we desire to live a life in which our light shines out to others, but the question is what is the source of that light?  Will you rely on yourself to be the source, or will you rely on God to provide the light through you?

During the evening at Wells Fargo, a message was shared by Nick Hall in which he talked about being the light in the darkness as a challenge we face in this sin filled world.  Each year during the event there is also an opportunity to sponsor children through Holt International.  Now this brought me to another thought…I wonder how many people consider how easy it would be to support one of these children?  At $1/day, it really does not require a lot and it could provide for a unique experience for many, as there is the opportunity to communicate with and follow the child that you are sponsoring.  When I decide to step up to do so in the future, this is what I want this experience to be about, less about the money, more about the hope and the support provided to these children as they grow.  Many of us avoid the support of those less fortunate, because it would mean sacrifice of something that is ours…or is it really?  The Word of God tells us that everything is His(Romans 11:36) and because of this we are called to provide for those in need(Proverbs 28:27).  This is where I believe we should start asking the questions of God…God, what do you want me to do with your resources?  God, what causes do you want me to support?  God, is this in your will for me?

Really, for me it comes down to asking God, where are you leading me?  As followers and believers, we should be asking for guidance from God on a daily basis.  God, what do you have planned for me today?  What is it that you want me to do today?  It is through the Holy Spirit that we are led to move.  If we take guidance from the Holy Spirit, the light begins to shine to all those around us in many ways.  This leads me to another song that was shared with the audience Friday night, “Lead Me” by Sanctus Real.  This is one of my favorite songs, and was excited to hear it live from Sanctus Real.  The song had taken on a new meaning for me in my life since Father’s Day of last year when it was shared via skit at Lutheran Church of Hope.  The message is clear, just as families ask their husband and father to lead them, we should be compelled to ask our Heavenly Father to lead our lives!  Enjoy…

A night filled with great artists and music, is one that I hope others have the opportunity to experience.  Check out the schedule and what you will find is they have plenty of stops remaining, including quite a few in the midwest.  I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy the experience.  More importantly, I hope you have the opportunity to listen to the lyrics of the two songs I have shared with you.  Whether or not Christian music seems appealing, you will find that there are a variety of artists that have incredible music.  And unlike many concerts I have been too, I was able to rock out to 10 artists for 5+ hours.  Will you WinterJam?

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