Awake My Soul!

How did you celebrate Easter?  How has this year’s Easter changed your life?  Maybe you sacrificed something for the season of Lent.  In that process you may have recognized that what you gave up was not a need of survival in this life.  Perhaps you took on something new and as a result you have developed a new healthy habit.  Maybe you even hoped to find peace amidst the busyness of your life and are now taking time out from the things that distract you or keep you from rest.  What had I hoped for?

I had hoped to be rejuvenated and refreshed!  As our Intern Pastor, Eric Voelker, had shared in his Ash Wednesday Message, the intersection of the ashes and the cross is a place of transformation.  This transformation comes in the form of renewal as we prepare for the Spring season that is upon us!  In this time I was preparing for a transition, from 5.5 years of living with my best friend from high school who I have walked through more than half my life with to living with a brother in Christ who I first met at The Alpha Course at Lutheran Church of Hope in 2009 and have since been through multiple Bible and Book studies.  It is a period of renewal and a new season of life.  I cannot tell you how refreshed I have felt through this Lenten season, but as we celebrated this past weekend I experienced complete renewal, even after a long week of planning and preparation for our Holy Week services and activities.

I would attribute much of this renewal to the time spent in prayer with staff, students and friends during Holy week.  Then as we celebrated Easter at Lutheran Church of Hope Ankeny, it was clear!  I was again reminded that I was created with unique purpose and passion for life.  It was an awakening of my soul, that occurred as I was dancing during our worship service.  I want to share this opportunity with you to begin dancing, to allow God to “Awake Your Soul”, as we step from the Easter celebration into a life where you may continually find renewal each day.  I find my renewal each day through Christ and my prayer is that maybe this is where you can find yourself in the story.

Come back over the next 5 days and see if your soul becomes renewed!  Open your mind, heart and soul to the opportunity that allows the Holy Spirit to go to work.  Will you walk with me through this journey as we continue to live in the light of Jesus who was raised from the dead?

One Response to Awake My Soul!

  1. Aaron Sheeler says:

    Thank you for this Brent! Keep believing! Keep following! Keep writing!

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