Awake My Soul…Worship!

Many of you who know me, know that I like to sing as if nobody was listening, dance as if noone were watching…it is a part of who I am and I naturally love to sing and dance.  One commonality for those of you who have witnessed this know that I may not be particularly the most gifted in these areas, but you also know I am not worried about that, I just want to sing and dance.  Nothing made me want to sing and dance more than our closing worship tune at the Easter services this past weekend.  Take a peek:

Now how many of you can honestly tell me watching and listening to this didn’t make you want to sing and/or dance…or even just clap along?  Many times when we think of singing and dancing, we don’t relate this to worship at our churches.  Oftentimes we spend more time worshipping, or shall I say celebrating, our favorite teams or music stars.  We shout, sing, dance and make fools of ourselves for things of this world, but when it comes to worshipping our Creator, the One, we tend to hide it!  What would it look like if we put the same amount of passion into worshipping our God as we do everything else?

This was no ordinary worship song, but it was what the people of Hope Ankeny needed to experience this past Easter weekend.  I too believe that many others might have needed to see this and ask that you share it with those who might need some inspiration!  Many of us need to be brought to life again, just like Jesus, who was raised from the dead.  We find ourselves amidst challenges that bring us down, that take life out of us and after hearing the story of new life this Easter, the battle we face is coming back to life everyday.  Maybe that needs to begin with some singing and dancing.  Now more than ever I enjoy singing and listening to worship songs, as it brings life into my day.  It is one of the ways I like to connect with God, more importantly Praise God for what He is doing in my life.  I wonder if you started worshipping God the way Psalm 150 explains how it would change your day?  If we believe in God, then we shall make note of what His Word says and live it out.  That is our challenge as believers and followers.  Maybe today is the day you break out of your comfort zone by worshipping God as you watch the video I shared!  Let’s Sing!  Let’s Dance!  Let’s awake our souls!

One Response to Awake My Soul…Worship!

  1. Aaron says:

    Awesome! Keep these blogs going!

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