Dislocated Heart…

It may sound bad, but in reality it is a good thing.  As defined by Chip Ingram in Part 1 of his Message Series, Holy Ambition(click to watch message), he talks about what it means to have a “Dislocated Heart”.  His definition, “it is a God given concern for others that propels us out of our comfort zone.”  He is referring to Nehemiah’s life in which he recognizes his life is working, all is okay in his world, but God’s agenda is going down the tubes.  In this tension Nehemiah realizes he can no longer just stay where he is at, it is time to do something!

Oh my how this resonated with me, as I think about all that is going well in my life, there is a world of hurt around that I often see and God has placed within me a heart to do something.  We see things around us everyday that if we really stopped to think about it, we would be crying out for God to make change.  People are hurting, families are being destroyed, and God’s agenda is going down the tubes.  What are we to do about this?

We have to start looking at our heart.  What do we really believe and what is it that we have the capacity to do that will be a catalyst for change?  Maybe we have lived a life that is too comfortable, as a result we may find that our impact has been minimal, even though we have had many opportunities to do great things for the world around us.  So we may ask ourselves this question, why are we doing what we are doing?  What is it that we will do to foster change that may have a ripple effect on the lives of many?

I started this blog many moons ago, with the hope to use it is as a tool to be a catalyst for change in people’s lives.  So I come before you today, to renew my passion for sharing my life’s journey in a way that inspires others to consider what is happening in their lives that will ultimately lead to change in others.  This change I talk of is transformation, as Romans 12:1-2 brings to the surface, that makes us new and changes the way we think.  Can we live out of this new perspective that God’s agenda is serious and we should desire to “Take God Seriously!”  I like what Chip said in his message about God’s orchestration of the circumstances in our lives that is preparing us for the great work He has planned for us.  Will we bail on His plan, or will we live into the life He is preparing?

My prayer is that we start to live the life God has created us to live, to move out of our comfort zone and live out of the  posture of a “dislocated heart”.  It may take a time of preparation, where we remove the idols in our life so we can find focus with the One who has created us, allowing Him to guide our lives, not the things of this world.  Living in this new perspective will allow us to recognize how we can serve others in a way that acts as a catalyst to change; to transformation.  How have others inspired us?  Where does change come from in our lives?  I am a product of inspiration from God and others.  

I will share a story tomorrow of how I have been inspired…as for today, I am inspired by the Holy Spirit that is alive in my life raising up in me a “Holy Ambition” to be someone who has a large impact on the lives of many and I pray for God to continue to guide me in my awareness for the opportunities He presents in my life.

One Response to Dislocated Heart…

  1. Aaron Sheeler says:

    Thanks Brent. Great words! God is moving, repairing, and transforming isn’t He? Hallelujah!

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