Today I go in for surgery to fix my broken hand.  For those of you catching up, I broke my hand during the Gladiator Assault Race Saturday.  This is actually the first time I’ve broken a bone in 30 years, quite an amazing feat considering the active lifestyle I lead and the adventurous spirit.  All that being said I will be sidelined from most activities for the next 6 weeks as long as the healing goes well.  Prayers are needed today, for me and many others whom like me will be in surgery to fix any brokenness.  I ask that you take a moment to pray for those needing healing,

As you are praying, please also consider praying for the surgeons and nurses and praising God for the way He has gifted these individuals.  As I prepare for surgery I am at complete peace knowing I am in good hands, the hands of our Heavenly Father.  As I prepare I will ask the surgeon if it possible that I pray before surgery to submit to God that He has His hand upon us while in the operating room and as we leave.

You know we have this opportunity every day and every moment to communicate with the One who created us.  No matter what we face today, do we talk to God and take everything to Him with an understanding that He will listen and that He cares…more than anyone else!  So as I ask for prayers today for healing and for the surgery staff, I also ask you to consider asking God for His help in what you face.  I find myself constantly thinking about God throughout the day in wonder, how is He working and what is He teaching me?  I find myself through this setback wondering what is God trying to teach me, and even more how does this broken hand fit into His plan?  That is where my prayer, conversation with God, lies as I leave the surgery today.  First things first, I come asking you for prayer…How can I(We) pray for you today?

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