BigStuf! Here We go…

June 10, 2012

Well, everyone is aboard and we are now in route to Panama City Beach!  This is the 2nd time in 15 months I will have traveled to PCB on a student trip, and what hopefully will become an annual adventure in the foreseeable future! 

We are headed to BigStuf, a camp for students with the purpose of creating an environment which enhances the opportunities to lead students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  I an excited to see how God goes to work in the lives of the students participating this summer.  We have a group of nearly 70 students from Lutheran Church of Hope in route with 15 leaders.  this treat is the first time we have had Hope Ankeny Ignition students joining in.  We have 8 HS gals making the trip.  They have been excited since early this year when they signed up.  I am excited for them and the experience they will have!

Last March when I traveled to PCB I learned that ministry was the line of work I was created for.  To return this year comes in a different light as we wrap up the first programming year of ministry and begin our summer programming with students.  I am looking forward to the worship and learning opportunities that we will have as a group this week, along with the chill time in the beach.  An opportunity to grow and be refreshed!

My prayers are focused on these students, that they may be challenged in a new way and continue to grow in their relationship with God.  Asking for prayers that the trip will be fun and safe!  We will be arriving in PCB Monday, with an overnight stop in Murfreesboro, TN.  Hope to share with you some of the experiences through the week!