A Holy Restlessness!

We have all had those nights when we find ourselves unable to sleep, and then our mind goes racing.  For me, the most recent was this past Monday.  I spent 2 hours thinking about life as I processed more of my experience from the retreat I shared with you last week.  I continue to experience God speaking to me as He continues to encourage me to live out the life He has called me to lead.

I was reminded again this past weekend during worship as our Campus Pastor, Scott Rains, shared his message(click to listen).  God has plans that are far bigger than mine could ever be.  A quote that Pastor Rains shared was from Pope Benedict, “We must be inspired by a holy restlessness: restlessness to bring to everyone the gift of friendship with Christ,” resonated loudly!  I am inspired by a holy restlessness that calls me to inspire and encourage others to discover their personal purpose leading them to an abundant life.  It is the holy restlessness that helps me look at life from a different perspective, that God has so much more for everyone if we allow Him to guide our steps.

I truly believe that the best life is centered on a relationship with God.  He is helping me become a man chasing after His own heart who is living life on purpose.  What is our purpose in life?  We all have a different purpose to serve.  Together we have the opportunity to transform the lives of those around us as we discover and live out of our purpose.  Why is this the most difficult question we ask ourselves?  Originally it was difficult to discover my purpose because there were many distractions and influences that led me to chase after the purposes of others or the temporary things of this world.  It wasn’t until I started asking God what His purpose was for me that I began seeking advice and guidance from others rooted in a strong relationship with God.

Ultimately we all have something that keeps us up at night!  We find our heart racing when we talk about certain needs or challenges in this world.  We are motivated to take action, because of what we witness.  For me personally, I often think about why our world leads us to a place where we find ourselves settling, becoming content, taking care of ourselves and avoiding risk, never taking steps of faith.  I love others and truly wish the best for everyone, which to me is leading a life putting God first, investing in ourselves so we can fully invest into the lives of others, all the while enjoying the journey regardless of circumstances.  Our purpose is at the core of who we are, drives our action and is affirmed by A Holy Restlessness!  What is your Holy Restlessness?  Please share!

One Response to A Holy Restlessness!

  1. Aaron says:

    Great piece here Brent! Keep it going! I just finished ‘Living the Life You Were Meant to Live’ by Tom Patterson / very thought provoking book with 9 modules or so / no ground breaking decisions from it yet but still processing. God is always working on us, isn’t he?

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