A Public Faith!

The promises of God are about this world we live in now!  If we have faith, do we share it?  He has not given the gift of our faith to keep to ourselves, because we we know deep down that He is our creator.  Proclaiming our belief in His story is difficult, because displaying it in our lives would mean we have to sacrifice our selfish desires and we may be ridiculed for living out our faith publicly.  Faith is a gift!

What do we do with our gifts?  In most cases we don’t physically share our material gifts, yet we talk about them and we don’t keep it to ourselves.  What about our giftedness, the way we are wired?  We definitely are compelled to share this with others, in the form of work we do, in our hobbies, and in serving!  What gifts do you share with others?  For me, I share my passion for soccer with the teams I coach, I share my gift of smiling with those I encounter 🙂

So our greatest gift is life on earth, given to us by a Creator who loves us!  Will we share this gift?  How will we share it?  Will we write about it?  Will we love all others the way Jesus demonstrated?  Will we give others that which they need, and we do not?  We have a plethora of ways to share the gift of faith, an understanding and belief in God that frees us to live a life trusting Him above all.  I believe the gift of faith in my life changes the way I live, I have nothing to hide and not do you.  Let’s make it publicly known, because there are many who have yet to experience this gift of life in the light of a God who created!  Why wouldn’t we share this gift?

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