Sharing the Love!

Love takes on many forms, yet the underlying basis of love is sacrifice of oneself and putting others first.  On Wednesday night we provided an opportunity for our Ignition Students, Grades 9-12, to share the love with one another.  The activity was rooted in the reality that God’s love is greater than any love we will ever receive.  As we have read about in scripture, His greatest act of love was sending His son Jesus to live in this world and to die for us.  A question we posed to the students and one that is good for all of us, do we admire this man Jesus?

The stories we know about and those that fill scripture enlighten us as to the life He led.  God sent His son as the ultimate rescue plan for all people, wiping away the sin and providing us with a new life and new outlook.  Many of us have been at a place in our life when it is difficult to receive this love from God, maybe that is now for you.  We have trouble accepting His love, especially when things aren’t going the way we want them or they are going so great we forget to thank Him.  The best part of the Jesus’ story is that He is our example of how to live and to share the love His Father so profoundly shares with us.

Picture this, 40 students sharing the love with one another.  Some who they know and some who they do not know.  All that it takes is a simple, “I love you”, which through it’s practice comes sacrifice of one’s comfort to ultimately share the love that has been given to us!  Can you look around you at work, the grocery store, sporting event, church, etc. and honestly care for and hope the best for others?  If we stop and think about this, it would be hard for us to deny the fact that we are all wired in a way that at the core says we want the best for others and we want them to have someone who loves them.  Don’t deny the truth here!  Even when it comes to our enemies, whom scripture tells us to love!

The undeniable love that rests in our heart, which is often overtaken by selfishness and things of this world, is a gift from God that flows out of us to others if we have at first received this love.  How and with whom will you share your love today?  Tell someone you love them!  Open the door for someone!  Hug someone!  Tell someone that God loves them!  The more we share the love, the more others receive the love.  Check out how much love I received from students on Wednesday night…an example of the amount of love shared on Wednesday night!

“We love because He first loved us.” ~ 1 John 4:19

Love Exercise

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