Maundy Thursday – FORGIVENESS!

Yesterday was a great reminder of the forgiveness for all!  As I shared with the community at Hope Ankeny last night, we all fall short(Romans 3:23).  There is a song that speaks to the truth of the Maundy Thursday celebration.  Many of you know that I love to sing, yet I do not wish to be ask forgiveness from your ears.  Instead I would love to share the music video by TobyMac, titled Forgiveness:

We all know that we stumble and we fall.  We all make mistakes sometimes.  Whether Christian or not, the reality is “we all need forgiveness” the lyrics echo.  Where do you go to receive forgiveness?  Who do you turn to for forgiveness?

As I was sharing a message last night during our Maundy Thursday services, I spent my time focusing on the forgiveness that God provides when He is present.  He provides places for forgiveness whether at worship, in scripture, communion or when He meets with us in a quiet place.  He even uses our family and friends as sources of forgiveness.  No matter where we are God can show up and forgive, and it is through the communion meal we are reminded of the delivery from slavery that the Israelites had experienced at the Passover.

It was through the blood covenant of Jesus that we are able to receive the forgiveness that is needed when we fall short.  Not only is Maundy Thursday a good reminder of The Last Supper, it is a celebration in which Jesus shares with His disciples that He is always with them and He is the way, the truth and the life.  Believing this allows me to understand the source of forgiveness, because I know the One who forgives.  I know I need forgiveness for things of the past and I will need forgiveness in the future, because I will fall short of God’s glory time and time again.  You need forgiveness.  We all need forgiveness.  Let us be reminded that each day we can receive this forgiveness if we go to the One who provides us this gift!  NOTHING IS SWEETER THAN THE DAY WE FIND FORGIVENESS!

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