More than an Ironman!


We often challenge ourselves by taking on new endeavors in life. This year I’ve decided to embark on a journey to become an Ironman. Like me, you too may have a Bucket List, yet I’d say it would be hard pressed to find someone with the exact same, so it’s okay to call me “crazy!” Seven(7) weeks from today I hope to hear the words, ”Congratulations, you are an Ironman”.

I’ve had the pleasure of training with many different people over the past 7 months, yet there are also many times I’m in the pool, on the road, or running the trails solo. This time has given me great opportunities to think about the joy to come on September 10 in Madison, Wisconsin, where all the hard work results in accomplishing a big goal, 140.6 miles! But I’d have to be honest, I’ve learned to find a bigger purpose than myself in all things thanks to a God who is greater than us all!

As the hours and miles are adding up and I’ve found myself thinking about how to make the miles count. God had put something on my heart years ago, to support organizations, charities and fundraising for others through the season of preparation for the Ironman I hoped to someday complete. Just last weekend I shared a message with our congregation about the seeds we will plant that will transform lives and impact the world, like Ted in the Lorax(watch this). God has been leading me to planting this seed! Now is the time!

Today marks 7 weeks from the day. The number 7 symbolizes both physical and spiritual completion in the Bible, as well can be associated with perfection. I believe it is no accident that God has led me to this day where I’m approaching the final stretch of training knowing that added encouragement and purpose will help stay focused and committed!

I’m inviting you to join in the effort, maybe not physically, but definitely spiritually! Each of the final seven weeks I’m going to commit my miles to support something bigger, from supporting needs, supporting ministries, supporting cures, support dreams and more. It is my hope that I can invite you to partner with me in giving of our resources to support others in need. Bridget and I will commit to $0.50 per mile for each partner! What will you be able to do?

Each week I will highlight a new opportunity and the approximate miles I’m scheduled to train. Then I’ll ask you to make a financial commitment per mile. You then can post a comment below, send me an email –, or send a text – 515.371.9252 with your commitment. At the completion of each week then I’ll invite you to make your contribution online, via check or cash for the organization in the mail. Your support will be a part of the motivation and encouragement needed to push through the final long days and weeks of training, Together we will impact the lives of others in only ways God knows!

I started with an 8 mile run today!

Week 1 : CAUSE – Financial Support for a Hope Ankeny Student who broke his neck on July 4, helping cover medical expenses as Justin Thorn and his family spend the next few months in Denver, CO at the Craig Institute for rehab. Life can change in an instant and I am hopeful we can support this family in big ways.

Week 1 Mileage Goal = 185 miles

How is God leading you to help?

$0.10 per mile = $18.50
$0.25 per mile = $46.25
$0.50 per mile = $92.50

Donate Directly online at

Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement as we move closer to the big day!



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