More than an Ironman, Week 2


This week we continue the mission to make miles count for more than just the goal of becoming an Ironman, rather to support causes through each stroke, pedal and stride! So today the More than an Ironman journey continues into week 2 of 7!

Our family members, Adam and Cassidy Purdy, are following the call to be on staff with an organization named The Navigators( The organization grows leaders in ministry to share the message of Christ across the world, and they are being led to minister on the University of Missouri campus in Columbia, Missouri. The call to be on staff means they are responsible for raising financial support to carry out the ministry and live in the community to which they are called. For this reason, Bridget and I have chosen to expand the network of support through those we know. We believe that supporting the dream of our family members is something worth sharing. So many people have dreams and we have the opportunity encourage you to support the dreams of our family members. For Adam and Cassidy, The Navigators ministry at Northwest Missouri State had great impact on their lives through the relationships formed and mentors who have led them in their journey with the Lord and together. The mission field at Mizzou is great and opportunities to spread the Gospel are numerous. We are hopeful that we can encourage them with our support and invite those of you interested in supporting their mission to join us in getting them started!

You can support Adam and Cassidy through prayer and give financially here:

This week I am scheduled to train for approximately 195 miles…of course this depends on pace and pain management. I’d appreciate your prayers for knee and hammy pain to disappear. But here’s what I’d encourage you to consider giving:

$0.10 per mile = $19.50
$0.25 per mile = $48.75
$0.50 per mile = $97.50

What will you pledge? Send me a text to 515.371.9252, an email to, comment below or message via Facebook. I’ll then check back at week’s end with final amount and encourage your donation.

Today, we made the donation of $95 to last week’s cause after 182.15 miles of training! Supporting the Thorn Family’s medical expenses:

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