More than an IRONMAN, Part 6

August 28, 2017

The big weeks are over and big miles out of the way. Last week led to a great 117.55 miles and the need for new bike wheels(ouch). Now we settle into rest and final prep mode! Nonetheless, the miles still count for something great and I’m excited that this week we will invite you to consider partnering with a great cause that’s been a mission of a friend Steve Good. His mission to support the Iron Phi mission, to strengthen the Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity and the impact it has on the fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease through the fundraising and athletic efforts of its members, has been an encouragement to me. Each year Steve takes a running trip to raise funds and I was encouraged to start a journey of my own when I had a chance to run with him on one of his earlier trips. The journey is continuing and this year I decided to do something very similar by inviting others to partner…thanks Steve Good for your Iron Phi Story.


Let’s band together and support his efforts to raise funds to fight for a cause. This week’s totals will be nearly 86 miles and for this reason I might encourage you to up the ante a little. Steve’s goal is to reach $23,000 this year and he is $500 short.

Would you consider partnering at either of the following levels:

$0.25 per mile = $21.50
$0.50 per mile = $43.00
$0.75 per mile = $64.50
$1.00 per mile = $86.00

Perhaps you’d like to support the fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease and join in the journey of making the efforts and miles of athletes count. Thanks for your support along the way. Next week is the final week and we will invite you to also consider what big way you might impact the lives and dreams of others! Here’s to journeying together!

More than an Ironman, Part 5

August 21, 2017


Here’s to the final 3 weeks!  ONE of the primary goals in this process of preparing for an Ironman was to trim down. I didn’t know how it would play out, but I’ve found that at this point I’m 30 pounds down from my start weight and feel good! I haven’t been at this weight since early college years. It is always great to have more than one win along the way and I’ve found that with encouragement and the challenge by others I’ve been able to accomplish one goal even before race day. Here’s to being reminded of what scripture calls us too in Philippians 1:27,

“Above all, you must live as citizens of heaven, conducting yourselves in a manner worthy of the Good News about Christ. Then, whether I come and see you again or only hear about you, I will know that you are standing together with one spirit and one purpose, fighting together for the faith, which is the Good News.”

Thank you for encouraging me and asking questions along the way. Now WE push forward in the final weeks of training focused on remaining healthy and getting rest to be ready for race day. There are still miles to complete so we don’t lose the fitness trained for, yet there is nothing more to gain by pushing it in the final three weeks. For this reason we will see a total of 131.75 miles approximately this week.


This past Friday Bridget and I had the chance to help park nearly 1200 cars for the Solheim Cup to raise funds to support campers attending Fellowship of Christian Athletes(FCA) Central Iowa Camp. The past two summers we’ve spent time alongside other coaches encouraging student athletes in their faith journey and development of skills. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting some great coaches and families from Iowa and surrounding states. It also has been amazing getting to meet athletes excited to spend a week growing in faith alongside community, sharing in the joy of competition in their sports. There was plenty of joy in the competition this past weekend at the Solheim Cup which many were able to experience in Des Moines.


All this to be said, we are excited to invite you into helping support the fundraising efforts of FCA Camp by providing experiences for student athletes as well as the continuing ministry throughout the year across the state. You can decide how you would like to support FCA here.

We encourage you to pledge to donate per mile as follows:
$0.10 per mile = $13.18
$0.25 per mile = $32.94
$0.50 per mile = $65.88
$0.75 per mile = $98.81

Your donations make a difference and I hope my journey can encourage you to help others. Here’s to changing lives along the way! I’d also invite your prayers for health and rest as we close in on the Big Day!


More than an Ironman, Part 4!

August 16, 2017


This week we shift our focus to nutrition! The biggest week of training is upon me with approximately 215 miles we are tasked with honing in on a nutrition game plan according to coach. As a result, it only seems appropriate to encourage others to consider how they too can focus on nutrition, perhaps individually but more importantly that of others. Since it’s inception, I have supported Meals from the Heartland in a variety of ways. In a couple weeks the 10th Annual Hunger Fight event will no doubt save thousands of lives. So as I continue this journey to make my miles count, I’m excited to fund meals for thousands of people and help provide the nutrition needed for daily life.

Meals from the Heartland has been a growing organization that provides many opportunities for people in our community to package dry good meals that are sent around the world to a variety of partners who distribute the meals in their communities. It’s a way for people of the Heartland of America to use our resources to provide for a basic need, nutrition. A couple years back I actually saw the impact of meals packaged here in Iowa on the lives of homeless in Gallup, New Mexico. While away on a mission trip we took a group of students to serve a meal at a church where we were serving meals packaged back at home. Couldn’t help but bask in the moment that revealed the impact many have had on many lives around the world.

So it’s your turn to have an impact. As I put in long miles this week it is going to help knowing that each mile can result in saving lives and provide basic needs. To package one meal it costs $0.20 and for many of us we are spending near $5 per meal or more if we eat out a lot. So consider how saving on a meal or two this week could provide for others. When we look at how many meals will be packaged in the upcoming week at the event, there is no doubt that we have a chance to impact lives. Perhaps you’d like to make a financial gift, but there are also many opportunities to serve and I would encourage you to consider both.

How will you participate?

$0.10 per mile = $21.50 = 107.5 meals
$0.20 per mile = $43.00 = 215 meals
$0.40 per mile = $86.00 = 430 meals
$0.50 per mile = $107.50 = 537.5 meals

If you decide you’d like to be a Packager at the event, you will provide nearly 200 meals in an hour. Take a team of 7-10 and you will package 2,000 meals for others. Either way you decide to participate you will have an impact. Thank you for helping support the journey to becoming and Ironman by making the miles count for something more!

More than an Ironman, Part 3!

August 7, 2017


After the first two weeks of final preparations, I’m learning a lot about how to stay committed to training and balancing life. Things have come up that are out of my control when it comes to weather and physical challenges. All the best plans and intentions can be impacted by so many factors, this results in adjusting daily activity accordingly. Last week I came up a little short in miles, but still had my longest ride ever at 122.5 miles and completed a 2.4 mile swim event, Swim the Bridge, which means I now know how I should feel before hitting the bike for 112 miles and time to expect! Another great thing to highlight from last week is the power of prayer in healing! My friend and sister in Christ, Jen Segar, prayed for me during our Holy Spirit and Healing Prayer Service with students last Wednesday. She mentioned she sensed someone in the room had a pain in their leg and butt area that needed healing. Sure enough that was me and since this time I have not felt the lingering hamstring pain I’ve had for a few years on and off, that is aggravated by working out and often is felt while sitting in a car for an extended period of time. Since last Wednesday I have worked out quite a bit and traveled to KC and back to visit friends. Praise God for His healing power!

This week began with a 4 mile run and the target is 170.25 miles with a little lighter week after the past couple. This week’s miles will be dedicated to a local outreach opportunity called the Book Mobile which is a mobile library that a friend and teacher in our community, Joy DeJong, was inspired to start to share her love for reading with kids in Ankeny. There was a story recently covered on our local news station,

We also collected thousands of books as a part of our mission during Vacation Bible School in Ankeny that will help provide so many people with the gift of reading. I’m excited for the impact that encouraging kids in our community to read can have on the future as so many of us have found reading to lead to great things. Yes, sometimes reading can be tedious and not a joy for some, but if you are like me over time you may have found a love for reading specific types of stories, books and more. Perhaps you love reading and want to share this gift with those that may not have the regular opportunity or access to the library as the news story shares. Let’s partner together in spreading the gift of reading in the community and supporting the dream of making books more accessible during the summer and beyond.

If you are interested in supporting the Book Mobile with a financial donation, please let me know and we’ll get you the specifics on how you can make a donation. This is a new non-profit and your support will provide the basis to continue building the dream laid upon Joy’s heart and supported by many in our community. You can email me directly with your interest and I’ll send more details. What amount will you consider?

$0.10 per mile = $17.03
$0.25 per mile = $42.56
$0.50 per mile = $85.13

I really like the idea of supporting the reading of our future leaders through each mile this week and will say this truly has been a great way to talk about many different causes with family and friends, as well show support to a variety of causes.

Thank you for keeping up with the journey and for your encouragement and support along the way! Let’s impact others together!