More than an Ironman, Part 3!


After the first two weeks of final preparations, I’m learning a lot about how to stay committed to training and balancing life. Things have come up that are out of my control when it comes to weather and physical challenges. All the best plans and intentions can be impacted by so many factors, this results in adjusting daily activity accordingly. Last week I came up a little short in miles, but still had my longest ride ever at 122.5 miles and completed a 2.4 mile swim event, Swim the Bridge, which means I now know how I should feel before hitting the bike for 112 miles and time to expect! Another great thing to highlight from last week is the power of prayer in healing! My friend and sister in Christ, Jen Segar, prayed for me during our Holy Spirit and Healing Prayer Service with students last Wednesday. She mentioned she sensed someone in the room had a pain in their leg and butt area that needed healing. Sure enough that was me and since this time I have not felt the lingering hamstring pain I’ve had for a few years on and off, that is aggravated by working out and often is felt while sitting in a car for an extended period of time. Since last Wednesday I have worked out quite a bit and traveled to KC and back to visit friends. Praise God for His healing power!

This week began with a 4 mile run and the target is 170.25 miles with a little lighter week after the past couple. This week’s miles will be dedicated to a local outreach opportunity called the Book Mobile which is a mobile library that a friend and teacher in our community, Joy DeJong, was inspired to start to share her love for reading with kids in Ankeny. There was a story recently covered on our local news station,

We also collected thousands of books as a part of our mission during Vacation Bible School in Ankeny that will help provide so many people with the gift of reading. I’m excited for the impact that encouraging kids in our community to read can have on the future as so many of us have found reading to lead to great things. Yes, sometimes reading can be tedious and not a joy for some, but if you are like me over time you may have found a love for reading specific types of stories, books and more. Perhaps you love reading and want to share this gift with those that may not have the regular opportunity or access to the library as the news story shares. Let’s partner together in spreading the gift of reading in the community and supporting the dream of making books more accessible during the summer and beyond.

If you are interested in supporting the Book Mobile with a financial donation, please let me know and we’ll get you the specifics on how you can make a donation. This is a new non-profit and your support will provide the basis to continue building the dream laid upon Joy’s heart and supported by many in our community. You can email me directly with your interest and I’ll send more details. What amount will you consider?

$0.10 per mile = $17.03
$0.25 per mile = $42.56
$0.50 per mile = $85.13

I really like the idea of supporting the reading of our future leaders through each mile this week and will say this truly has been a great way to talk about many different causes with family and friends, as well show support to a variety of causes.

Thank you for keeping up with the journey and for your encouragement and support along the way! Let’s impact others together!

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