More than an Ironman, Part 4!


This week we shift our focus to nutrition! The biggest week of training is upon me with approximately 215 miles we are tasked with honing in on a nutrition game plan according to coach. As a result, it only seems appropriate to encourage others to consider how they too can focus on nutrition, perhaps individually but more importantly that of others. Since it’s inception, I have supported Meals from the Heartland in a variety of ways. In a couple weeks the 10th Annual Hunger Fight event will no doubt save thousands of lives. So as I continue this journey to make my miles count, I’m excited to fund meals for thousands of people and help provide the nutrition needed for daily life.

Meals from the Heartland has been a growing organization that provides many opportunities for people in our community to package dry good meals that are sent around the world to a variety of partners who distribute the meals in their communities. It’s a way for people of the Heartland of America to use our resources to provide for a basic need, nutrition. A couple years back I actually saw the impact of meals packaged here in Iowa on the lives of homeless in Gallup, New Mexico. While away on a mission trip we took a group of students to serve a meal at a church where we were serving meals packaged back at home. Couldn’t help but bask in the moment that revealed the impact many have had on many lives around the world.

So it’s your turn to have an impact. As I put in long miles this week it is going to help knowing that each mile can result in saving lives and provide basic needs. To package one meal it costs $0.20 and for many of us we are spending near $5 per meal or more if we eat out a lot. So consider how saving on a meal or two this week could provide for others. When we look at how many meals will be packaged in the upcoming week at the event, there is no doubt that we have a chance to impact lives. Perhaps you’d like to make a financial gift, but there are also many opportunities to serve and I would encourage you to consider both.

How will you participate?

$0.10 per mile = $21.50 = 107.5 meals
$0.20 per mile = $43.00 = 215 meals
$0.40 per mile = $86.00 = 430 meals
$0.50 per mile = $107.50 = 537.5 meals

If you decide you’d like to be a Packager at the event, you will provide nearly 200 meals in an hour. Take a team of 7-10 and you will package 2,000 meals for others. Either way you decide to participate you will have an impact. Thank you for helping support the journey to becoming and Ironman by making the miles count for something more!

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