More than an IRONMAN, Part 6

The big weeks are over and big miles out of the way. Last week led to a great 117.55 miles and the need for new bike wheels(ouch). Now we settle into rest and final prep mode! Nonetheless, the miles still count for something great and I’m excited that this week we will invite you to consider partnering with a great cause that’s been a mission of a friend Steve Good. His mission to support the Iron Phi mission, to strengthen the Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity and the impact it has on the fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease through the fundraising and athletic efforts of its members, has been an encouragement to me. Each year Steve takes a running trip to raise funds and I was encouraged to start a journey of my own when I had a chance to run with him on one of his earlier trips. The journey is continuing and this year I decided to do something very similar by inviting others to partner…thanks Steve Good for your Iron Phi Story.


Let’s band together and support his efforts to raise funds to fight for a cause. This week’s totals will be nearly 86 miles and for this reason I might encourage you to up the ante a little. Steve’s goal is to reach $23,000 this year and he is $500 short.

Would you consider partnering at either of the following levels:

$0.25 per mile = $21.50
$0.50 per mile = $43.00
$0.75 per mile = $64.50
$1.00 per mile = $86.00

Perhaps you’d like to support the fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease and join in the journey of making the efforts and miles of athletes count. Thanks for your support along the way. Next week is the final week and we will invite you to also consider what big way you might impact the lives and dreams of others! Here’s to journeying together!

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