More than an IRONMAN, Part 7

September 6, 2017

Well here we are in the final week and the final days before the big race. I’ve done a lot of challenging things in my life, but none will compare to what’s ahead this Sunday! At this point I’m ready and truly looking forward to a day full of swimming, biking and running. There will be so many people cheering me and the 2,499 other athletes and my hope is to bring encouragement to as many as I can along the way! I try to live by this motto, “Put God First and Enjoy the Journey”! So fellow triathletes, let’s Enjoy the Journey!

The journey of the last 7 weeks has been great, pushing to the limits, then tapering and resting the body. Last week I felt as though I had another level of energy and this week has been somewhat the same, with lower miles and lighter day workouts. It’s all a part of the plan setup by a great coach, Loran Storts, from IronWorks Athletics. Stick to the plan is what we were reminded of time and time again. It would’ve been easy to feel as though I needed to catch up certain weeks, but then again some of the weeks you just had to adapt and adjust to the conditions and circumstances faced. I feel pretty darn good about how training has gone and as it is with anything, there is always room for improvement. My main focus has been staying consistent and building on what the previous week had in store, knowing that the cumulative effect of sticking to the plan would help me feel as I do today! EXCITED, FIT and RESTED!


Alongside this final stretch of training, as many of you have been reading, I’ve embarked on a journey that is making it about “More than an IRONMAN“. I hope to encourage others to be involved in supporting dreams, organizations, causes and those in need. So the story goes that each week I’ve invited others to pledge to donate or support a variety of things and perhaps inspired you to consider helping in some way. God nudges us throughout life and that is my prayer that in some way at the end of this journey it would have impact on more than just my life. That yes, Lord willing I’ll be an Ironman, but also I’ll have helped others financially. The blessing only multiplies by encouraging and inviting others into partnering with Bridget and me each week in giving financial support. So how are you being encouraged?

Week 1 : 182.15 miles = $91.08 to Justin Thorn’s Family
Week 2 : 187.80 miles = $93.90 to Adam and Cassidy Purdy Navigators Ministry
Week 3 : 160.30 miles = $80.15 to The Book Mobile
Week 4 : 136.10 miles = $68.05 to Meals from the Heartland
Week 5 : 117.55 miles = $58.78 to Iowa FCA Camps
Week 6 : 74.24 miles = $37.12 to Iron Phi on Behalf of Steve Good

Now for the final week. The total miles will include Sunday’s big race and this may be the best opportunity for all to really make an impact. Week 7 is a choose your own adventure! What organization, cause, dream or need is God calling you to meet? Have you been delaying or just not getting around to it? Now is the time to commit to sharing what God has blessed you with so that lives can be changed!

The miles this week will rack up to approximately 187 miles. So think about how you’d like to partner in giving and make the commitment. Then come that moment that I hope to celebrate crossing the finish line, I’ll know that it is for more than just being an IRONMAN! My hope is that it was to help change lives. One thing is for sure I’m excited to help others and it’s been encouraging to know that the miles have counted for something other than my personal pursuit. So here’s your opportunity! Comment below and give a link to your organization. I’d love to highlight stories of how we are helping others!

$0.10 per mile = $18.70 to your cause
$0.25 per mile = $46.75 to your cause
$0.50 per mile = $93.50 to your cause

Let’s make a difference together!