The Story

April 3, 2010

How often do you laugh…at yourself?  If you are not laughing at yourself, you might be taking yourself too seriously!  God has taught me this multiple times, most vividly while in conversation with my best friend on a Friday night in the Summer of 2008.  Thanks Brad!  I had changed and I knew it, I was focused on running a business and that was what my life was about, in the meantime it affected other aspects of my life.  I needed to lighten up and change my focus!

I was worshiping at Lutheran Church of Hope, during the weekend of July 26th, 2009 in which the sermon addressed this point exactly.  As I let the message sink in, I soon realized that the only One that we should take seriously is God.  I often listen to sermon recordings and it was a during a winter workout at the YMCA in December that I happened to listen to this message.  I know, I am weird!  The Truth is, learning about my relationship with God inspires me!  I had considered starting a Blog to share my God experiences with those around me.  I believe God has called me to inspire and encourage others to transform their lives to live for Him, rather than what the World has to offer.  In essence…Take God Seriously!

How many of us Take God Seriously?  I believe many Christians know that there is a God and believe that they will go to Heaven, they go to Church on Sunday and they do good things.  But that is where it stops!  The World influences us in ways that make us complacent in our Faith and put our focuses on things appearing to be more important, success and wealth as the ultimate.  I fell victim to this trap of the World, but thanks to God my Heart has been changed and I have moved into a new life! 

God has blessed me with a new life and focus over the past few years.  It is time that I start sharing it with others!  It is my hope that this blog will forever challenge followers in a way that will lead to spiritual growth.  Please know that we as humans will never be perfect.  The writings of this blog will come from the experiences of a human that is seeking to put God first and become God-like.  There will be challenges and there will be triumphs…let’s share in this Journey and live a life that will Take God Seriously!

May God Bless You with His Love!

Scripture Challenge:

1 Chronicles 28:9-10

Principles to Live By (Source: Life Application Study Bible, NLT Version, p. 661)

1)      Get to know God Personally

2)      Learn God’s commands and discover what he wants you to do

3)      Worship God with wholehearted devotion

4)      Serve God with a willing mind

5)      Be faithful

6)      Don’t become discouraged.